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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

As soon as the movie was over a guy behind me said, "It wasn't what I expected." I think that sums up my feelings quite a bit. Though I think the movie was a negative experience for him, for me I just don't think it lived up to the hype or my expectations. Though to be honest I'm not sure what I expected.

At least I had hoped that some of the questions about the space jockeys and the xenomorphs origins would be answered. And to some extent they were, but in a way that just raised more questions. It left Prometheus as part of a story, and not necessarily the other Alien(s) films. I mean, the questions aren't addressed in those films either, so there needs to be another film at least between Prometheus and Alien to answer those questions, if Ridley Scott, or the powers that be intend to answer them.

I did like that the film asked big questions, I liked that it aimed high, but I don't think it reached the heights it aspired to. It got muddled in the end and not answering the questions left me unsatisfied.

What I did like:
-The cast was pretty good. Noomi Rapace as Shaw made a worthy forerunner to Sigourney Weaver, almost a bit too worthy (will comment more on that later).
-Really liked Fassbender as David. He's really giving Bishop a run for his money.
-The look and feel was epic. The production design was very good, especially for the planet and the ship Prometheus.
-Asking big questions. It was a pleasure to see a big sci-fi movie, a likely blockbuster at that, asking those kind of questions.
-When the action kicked in it was well handled for the most part.

What (more) I didn't like:
-I thought the whole scene with Shaw using the computer to cut the alien out of her stomach was pushing the boundaries a bit too much. Especially after she hopped up and ran away. I know it could've been adrenaline, and also whatever she was shooting into her leg, but I thought that was a bit too unbelievable. Sure they showed her doubling over in pain a couple times after the operation but I thought she should've been in more pain from the start.
-Waste of Idris Elba. Plus I didn't like the "Southern American" (?) accent. I did like his bit with Charlize Theron though.
-A waste, somewhat, of Charlize Theron. I was expecting her role to be bigger, but she stayed on the ship for the most part. Her role was important I grant you, but I think more could've been done with her.
-New alien creatures, including the space jockeys. I was underwhelmed. Sure they looked nice, but they really didn't stand out for me.

Lingering questions:

-What was the point of the first scene? Was the alien killing himself as some form of sacrifice to appease the aliens in the flying saucer?
-David's infecting Holloway. I didn't get why he did that? Was it merely scientific curiosity? Or was another attempt to bring an alien back to Earth like we have seen in the other films? Or did he not just like the dude?
-Also, why would Vickers not want the Prometheus crew to make contact with the aliens after the corporation had spent all that money to get them there? Was it out of concern for her father? Or did she just want to deny him his life's dream for whatever reason?
-Why did Firfield attack the crew?
-Did the space jockeys really need all of those alien weapons to destroy Earth?
-Why was the space jockey in stasis all that time? And why hadn't whatever had killed the rest of the crew killed him?
-Why did that squid thing produce a xenomorph? We've never seen that before. It was almost like they realized they should throw a xenomorph in there and it just felt tacked on. Even though I had wanted to see a xenomorph, or more.

I think that Alien 3 tried to return to the tone of Alien, while Alien Resurrection emulated Aliens. With Prometheus I think it tried to mix both of the first two films together. And the results were mixed. I'm charitably giving it an A-.
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