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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

After a shipping mishap and a week of hellish deadlines, I finally read the first issue.

I liked it well enough. But it's also a comic that's easy to feel ambivalent about. What it does, it does decently well. The painted artwork, though very nice, took some adjustment to accept, and the dialogue rang true to me. The opening prologue has potential, and then we're into the ancient Egypt interlude which is easy to dismiss as a pointless runaround designed solely to introduce Star Trek audiences to the Doctor Who cast, though I suspect the green thing will turn out to be Chekhov's gun in the third act. That's the problem, though I know this is the first issue of an eight-part series, on its own this issue feels very insubstantial. It doesn't deliver on the promise of its covers.

Though I understand dramatically why the last page reveal happens (it's the same reason the first issue of Avengers Vs. X-Men] runs in place until you reach the final pages and Cyclops goes off the deep end -- the story's setting you up for an artificial dramatic moment), I would have liked to see something different that brought the Doctor and his companions into contact with the Enterprise crew earlier. Maybe the Doctor materializes the TARDIS in the Enterprise's dolphin tanks, causing all sorts of mayhem. Or something maybe screwball, like "Partners in Crime," where the Doctor and the Enterprise crew are working on the same thing in parallel until, finally, they bump into one another. As it is, the story starts out with a certain languorousness that doesn't put its best foot forward. This doesn't feel like the start of an event, this feels like the next issue in IDW's ongoing Who series.
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