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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

I know I haven't commented on the last few posts - I've been tied up in personal concerns - but I'm still reading and still enjoying. I'll probably write more come the next installment on Monday, but I wanted to give a wave and show I'm still here. Oh, and two little things I particularly liked from the latest chapter:

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post
Martok gave a smirk. “Her predecessor was married to…an adopted brother—former-Ambassador Worf.”

Spock nodded. “Fascinating….

Bacco had to fight not to sigh. This just keeps getting better and better….
A nice reminder that the political situation could be even more complex than already assumed, to say nothing of the personal and ethical factors influencing the decision-making. It's all tied together, and each aspect of the situation makes the decisions that must be made harder and potentially more troubling. It really drives home both what a mess this is - and so reinforces the sense of crisis that justifies a story of this scope - and how hard it is to weigh up so many different and conflicting concerns, which both defines Ezri's responsibilities as a starfleet captain and Bacco's as a politician. So that little reminder of Dax's relationship to Martok reinforces one of the central arguments that the piece rests upon - acknowledgement that there aren't easy answers (or at least, and perhaps more accurately, that there aren't answers or decisions that don't carry serious consequences).

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post
“Well, as Vulcans say, ‘The needs of the many…’.”

Spock’s lip seemed to tighten. “Madam President…that adage is defined as expressing the necessity of personal sacrifice—not suppression of the rights of the individual.”
I'm always glad when someone points that out. Too often I see people use that quote to buttress a position that depends upon impressing or imposing on others (to varying degrees of severity), where it's clearly intended to justify the choice of the individual to freely sacrifice for others. Spock chose to die to save his friends and comrades without pressure on their part or true requirement on his; he wasn't dragged in there and locked in by the others to save their own skins (to go for the most extreme alternative ).
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