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Re: Revisiting the films...

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And I'm amused to see that nobody has even mentioned the WTF moment with Scotty and Uhura . . . .
I remember lots of commentary about that when the film was new. Up to a point you can interpret their behaviour a just really good friends after so many years, but then it becomes apparent something else is being suggested and it doesn't work.

You can't just throw something like that at audiences out of the blue, not after literally decades of Uhura and Scotty not showing the slightest romantic interest in each other. In theory, you could make it work if you actually laid some groundwork in advance, but without any sort of set-up? No way.

By contrast, the Spock/Uhura thing in the new movie worked (IMHO) because:

1) it's an alternate timeline.
2) the characters are still young, so the relationships aren't set in stone yet.
3) the original show occasionally flirted with the notion, at least in the first season.

But Scotty/Uhura came out of nowhere . . . .
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