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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

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Wow, it's just not any easier in terms of the political wisdom of prosecuting and possibly convicting Ezri. It's one of those painful reminders that the UFP President is not a autocrat, unlike the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire or the Praetor of the Romulan Empire.
Funny you should bring that up--before the big rewrite, as I mentioned, I'd had Empress Donatra in the scene, instead of Spock. The idea was, it was a meeting of the Big Three of the Khitomer Alliance. Here, I basically rewrote her lines for Spock.

Anyway--in the "old" version, there's actually a bit more emphasis on the fact that the presisdent doesn't have the power that Donatra (or Martok) has. Where Bacco and Spock discuss "needs of the many" was where I'd had Donatra note, "It’s such a shame that politics must decide the good captain’s fate. In my State, Dax would be acquitted before any ‘hearing’—on my command.” To which Bacco replied, "It's the price of check and balances, Empress."

[rant] Thanks a lot, DRGIII. I had to lose some darn good material, thanks to your book taking place before ZSG!!! *sigh* [/rant]

I think, like I did with From Risa With Love, I'll post the deleted/alternate scenes after I'm finished posting the tale itself.
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