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Re: 60s Batman show rights issues resolved!

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Schumacher? What are you talking about.

Schumacher NEVER did any Batman movies. It was always Burton and then we had Nolan doing them.
That's unfair. Batman Forever was a solid movie. It's no Batman Begins but it was at least as good as Batman Returns.

I hate that Batman Forever gets tarred and feathered just because it's the older, wiser brother of the mentally retarded Batman & Robin.
Actually, it's better than Batman Returns.....

Batman Returns had as much camp, if not more, than Batman Forever: Penguin for Mayor (a plot lifted from the 60s TV show), the giant ducky boat, the circus of crime, the army of Penguins with rocket launchers, Selina being brough to life after being bitten by (apparently magic) alley cats, most of the scenes with Max, etc.

Forever had better action scenes.

And compare the two different reasons in the two different films why Bruce revealed--or tried to reveal--his ID to the villains. In Forever, he tried to reveal his ID to Harvey to save people's lives. In Returns it revealed it to Selina, the Penguin and Max to try and get laid.

I'm not saying Forever isn't a flawed film. But it's better than Returns.
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