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Re: Revisiting the films...

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The crew's behaviour only makes sense if it's some sort of mind control. But because it isn't depicted as outright mind control then their behaviour is bullshit..
Exactly. The movie can't seem to make up its mind if the crew is being mind-controlled or not, but, seriously, Kirk's crew is not going to mutiny unless they're heavily under the influence of alien spores or whatever. Period.

And I'm amused to see that nobody has even mentioned the WTF moment with Scotty and Uhura . . . .
I remember lots of commentary about that when the film was new. Up to a point you can interpret their behaviour a just really good friends after so many years, but then it becomes apparent something else is being suggested and it doesn't work.

Of course the whole idea that these people would still be together after so many years in a real organization beggars credibility. As fans we turn a blind eye to that, but it doesn't really make much sense.

Spock's behaviour throughout TFF is also rather WTF. He's basically the comedic straight man. Far too often he didn't even sound like Spock. It was almost as if Nimoy were reading some other character's lines.
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