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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Read "Detective." Meh. I'm not completely lost on this title yet as it's lost others but, I dunno. It's not "moving" me much. Seems like an odd place for it to bee after the "Night of the Owls" issue from last month but I'm guessing the place where the Owls story line started (Batman) will deal more with that than the other bat-books. (Unless it was resolved in one of the Batbooks I don't follow like Nightwing or B&R.)

They may have a month here and there where they have slightly more than 52 ongoing titles in order to let some titles that have been cancelled finish out storylines, but things will then settle back down to 52 titles as a matter of course.
One could argue they do have more than 52 titles going on right now since there's the Smallville "Season 11" series which, I presume, isn't part of "The New 52."
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