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Re: Revisiting the films...

The way it looks on the surface, most of the crew committed mutiny by siding with Sybok. I rationalize it as mind control but I shouldn't have to rationalize it.

I feel bad for Spock. His brother was essentially a televangelist. "I've been healed from my pain!" says the miner. Then Sybok exclaims, "Praiseth thy Loooord!!! Amen." Hallelujah!

Basically, Robert Wise could have used a bit more of William Shatner's vitality while Shatner could have used more of Wise's smarts and experience in telling a story.
I agree. The best dealing with of religion in a science-fiction film that I've seen is Contact.

Star Trek has always had a sense of humour, but it has usually been with a light touch as well as done contextually. Here it’s just laid on way too heavily.
And very out of place. This was the wrong type of story to try emulating what made TVH successful.

I like the slogan on Kirk's T-shirt though.

The condition of the Enterprise-A must've been Starfleet's revenge for Kirk's crew sabotaging the Excelsior.
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