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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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Armond's review

"Ridley Scott Hiccups Alien Fumes in Prometheus"
This idiot thinks Resurrection was a masterpiece.

His review means jack to me.
His reviews mean nothing to anyone.
They're to be read just for laughs at all the absurd things he says in a serious manner

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I wasn't impressed.

And what was up with that stupidly convoluted plot to get her pregnant with the alien squid?

He gets some of the goo, then puts it into the guy's cup so he drinks it and gets infected, then he has to shag his girlfriend to get her infected so it can grow? I mean, bloody hell! That's hardly a reliable plan of action!
The pregnancy was never David's plan, it was just something that happened. A "fortunate" coincidence for David.
His plan was to see what the goo would do to a human but then Charlie got himself roasted.

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