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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


We get to see Chakotay as a kid…I pictured something different; perhaps not as cocky and uncaring. While on an away mission on a moon Chakotay finds a Rubber Tree People carving in the ground similar to one he found as a child. I am pretty sure that Ensign Wildman’s sciatic nerve pain could have been fixed by the Doctor. He was kind of an ass to her. Kes explains to the Doctor that his behavior was not proper, and that she wished he could just once feel pain or sickness so he could have empathy.

Chakotay leads an away team down to the moon to further explore the markings that he found. Meanwhile, back on the ship the Doctor programmed himself to have the flu in order to understand his patients. Back on the planet Tuvok and Neelix have a nice moment when they talk about breeding orchids; Tuvok almost sounds prideful. Then after a brief flashback by Chakotay, pertaining to when he wanted to leave his tribe, Neelix is attacked by a bird that resembles a hawk and Chakotay finds a tribal building similar to that of his flashback. While in sickbay Neelix is concerned about the Doctor who is quite sick at this point and rather moody.

While on the planet Chakotay feels that there are people around them and commands that Tuvok and B’Elanna disarm themselves in order to show that they are not going to hurt them. Then he has a flashback to when he met descendants of the Rubber Tree People with his father. His flashback ends when a storm appears. At one point Chakotay looks up and sees a tree falling and rather than diving out of the way or running further he looks up, screams, and puts his hands over his hand as he gets hit by the tree…really?

The Doctor calls Janeway freaking out when his flu lasted longer than he programmed it. Kes made it last longer because there is a difference knowing when you are going to get better and not knowing when you would get better. Why do they have to land the Voyager on the planet? Couldn’t they just send down one of their endless-supplies of shuttle crafts? Would it really be worth risking the ship to save Chakotay? Also, the last time they landed the ship they went to immediate blue alert, not this time though….

On the planet Chakotay meets the other people and they have the same tattoo as he does. These people explain the culturally history of his people. The scene of how they show half of Chakotay’s face and then half of the other person’s face was rather touching.

Back on the ship, which is riveting toward the planet because of the simulated storm, no one is messed up, nor a hair out of place. Again, I call bull crap. As Chakotay is saying goodbye to his ancestors we learn more about why he joined the Maquis. He joined to honor his father and protect his home. I am happy that we were able to have an episode about Chakotay and actually learn a little about his family and cultural background.

Favorite part: The Doctor had some great lines: “She [Kes] is far more devious than I ever expected!” Also, when Harry Kim comes in complaining that he isn’t feeling very good, the doctor replies: “Neither do I, but you don’t hear ME complaining about it!” (Finally someone told Kim to stop complaining and man up!!!)

Also, the touching scene where Chakotay’s father is given a tattoo by his descendants of the Rubber Tree people. Now we know why Chakotay has his tattoo.

Least favorite part: Chakotay’s gets hit by the tree scene. No bumps, bruises, any limping, his hair is still perfect, and his girly scream before getting hit by the tree was a disappointment.
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