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Re: 'Walking Dead' renewed for Season 3

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Ah, they were type of Zombies that exclusively eat brains, and couldn't find any?
It took you ten months to get the punchline?

I keed, I keed...
I'm a little slow on the uptake

*I think I must've missed that post originally, and only just saw it*

RJDiogenes, yea, it's a fine line between showing the Governor be Comic Book brutal, and balancing that for the show, without damaging the successful formula they currently have in place. They've done an outstanding job with the show so far, so I have faith they'll keep the balance right.
I suspect the reveal of his psychotic nature to Rick and co. will take far longer. In the comic it was pretty much "This is the Governor. Bam! Look he's nuts!", within a few pages everyone realised he was a nutjob.

For the TV show i would guess it'll be several episodes of Rick and co. suspecting something is up with these Woodbury folk, before the batshit crazy is revealed.
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