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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Persistence of Vision

What in the world happened to Janeway’s hair? Last episode it was shorter, just shoulder length, and now it is back into the Janeway bun….Woops. Janeway is frustrated and she brushes off Neelix and yells at Harry Kim for messing up the Doctor’s hologram; he is only a couple of inches tall. The Doctor then orders her to take some time away in the holodeck for mental health. He then proceeds to yell at B’Elanna and Kim to make him bigger! The ship is preparing to go through Bothan space and Neelix is concerned because it can be dangerous.

The kids in Janeway’s holonovel are actually good actors; the little boy especially. Right after the holonovel’s Lord Burleigh professes his love for Janeway’s character Chakotay calls her away to meet with the Bothans. The Bothan’s are a little sharp over the com. Neelix insists that Janeway eat because she has skipped several of her last few meals. As Neelix is showing her the dining options she notices cucumber sandwiches and a tea cup that came from her holonovel. Then the little girl in her holonovel runs into her in the ship and tells her that her father does not love her. The crew is going to attempt to run tests to see if they can figure out why Janeway’s novel is appearing outside of the holosuite. Lord Burleigh asks why Janeway is dressed so differently (in her uniform). Why don’t holocharacters notice in any of the other episodes/holo-scenes?

After the simulation, Janeway talks to Neelix and realizes that she hallucinated the cucumber sandwiches and flower tea cup at lunch. While being examined by the Doctor Kes has a weird feeling and then the daughter shows up from the holonovel. Kes too sees the little girl, but the Doctor does not. The little girl vaporizes and goes through Janeway. Janeway goes back to her quarters and eats coffee ice cream!! For being a stressed out woman with hallucinations, Janeway looks pretty good. She does not have circles under her eyes or a single hair out of place. Her uniform is perfectly pressed and she appears to be in perfect physical condition. Again, costume and make-up could have really showed this better. Mess up Janeway’s hair and her uniform, darken her eyes, and make her look more ragged. Why do the character’s always appear so fresh and (as one of my co-workers put it) plastic? Her acting is fine; her physical appearance simply does not match the characters mental and physical status.

Janeway has another hallucination that the maid in her holonovel attacks her and tells her to leave. Kes again sees the woman’s attacks, but the scene pans out to Tuvok and the Doctor trying to help Janeway in sickbay. Kes tells Janeway that her telepathic abilities are making her feel like there is an alien invader on the ship, or that everyone was being affected.

As the Bothan are attacking, Janeway goes back to the bridge and the crew realizes that the Bothan are making themselves appear to each member of the crew as someone that crew member loved. The energy field from the ship is making people think that they are seeing someone they once knew. Tuvok is briefly stumped when his “wife” shows up on the screen; he even shows a little bit of emotion; it is somewhat endearing. B’Elanna has a heated affair with Chakotay; Paris gets humiliated by his father. It’s interesting that early on we see her reacting physically to the hallucinations, but everyone just freezes as they get the full attack. (This can probably be explained by the proximity to the Bothan ship, which must be somewhere nearby, despite the three attack vessels being hallucinations also…)

We see more power out of Kes. I think she is an under-estimated character. She seems to be developing her telepathic powers and her character seems stronger. She is a little more upfront and outspoken. She is also able to see through the ruses of the alien-enforced hallucinations. It was interesting to watch her fight the fake Neelix in the last scene. Good juxtaposition of their characters’ usual interaction.

Favorite part: Kes’ character development.

Least favorite part: The makeup/costumes in this episode. People should have messed up clothes and not perfect hair and makeup after what they had went through.
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