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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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My problem was with them having no concept of any scientific method (as well as being stupid). If they had taken even the most basic precautions but the situation got out of hand due to one or two stupid things (or David's desire to get the ball rolling) the general stupidity level would have come down a few notches.

They could have lifted really basic safety pointers from Stargate SG1 and seriously improved the plot. In fact low tech MALPS would have been better than the mildly irritating floaty things that inexplicably failed to help the guy that owned them find his way to an exit.

The first part of the scientific method is to Test.
Yes - test the air throughout the entire complex by sampling to make sure there are no atmospheric black spots, harmful chemicals, or pathogens. You might test the air on animal subjects in laboratory conditions long before you would expose a human volunteer. I am assuming that they had equipment that checked for airborn pathogens and found none so I'll give a pass there - but assuming that there would be no pathogens in any other chamber would be grossly negligent. By the time you'd detected them, you would already be exposed.

I can get behind the smart ass archaeologist doing it. It's that everybody else, including the biologist and MD also did it that was so stupid. Did they all think that alien bacteria would always kill instantly so there obviously wasn't any?
No, what they were probably thinking was "We can breathe, we can save suit air and we're going to decontaminate in the ship later anyway" so they did it...and thus saved us from five extra minutes of dialogue about airborne pathogens, "parts per million" and atmospheric testing devices.

My issue with the geologist and biologist was that they took no samples and contributed nothing to the trip.
Nobody but Shaw and David got any kind of samples, which was impressive considering how quickly things went downhill after they entered the Space Jockey ship.

How did they get lost? It was his own drones that mapped the complex. Everybody was on the same comms system and the ship monitored their locations. They should have got the message about the storm too but asked for no assistance? If they'd been delayed taking samples on the way out I might have forgiven them. I can only assume they must have switched comms off so they could have a shag. It could have been a glitch in the system I suppose but if so it was poorly represented in the narrative.
The drones hadn't completed the map at the time they got lost, and the storm was messing with the comms before it completely enveloped the complex, and they didn't collect samples on the way out because their imperative was getting outta Dodge. Would you stop to collect rocks and mud if you thought you'd be attacked by a rabid pit bull at any second?
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