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Re: Windows 7 ST Game Install & Run Issues with Solutions

Majority of people would allow Windows updates to be applied.
I did and still do.
To that end, 'missing updates' are not the issue.
It's the software itself.
The games are very old and Microsoft stopped supporting DOS based programs some time ago.

To that end, 16-bit installers, etc. don't exactly play 'nice'.

Some games under x64 OS will essentially 'do nothing' for a while until after about some time they end up running.
I don't know what causes this delay in installation, but it doesn't appear always.
ST: Voyager 'Elite force' seems to exhibit this issue under Windows 7 x64... as does Armada.

Bridge Commander is yet another example.
I tried running the installer in XP SP2 compatibility mode (under admin privileges) and nothing - I've waited over an hour in some cases... nothing appears in terms of installation.
Looks like BC is 'gone' for good.

If someone can point me to a direction on how to install the thing on my Win 7 Ultimate x64, I'd appreciate it.
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