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Re: 60s Batman show rights issues resolved!

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Of the Burton Batman movies, Batman Forever, is my favorite.
I wouldn't count that as a "Burton" film. It was directed by Joel Shumacher and feels very different than the films Burton actually directed.

And, yeah, it's not the completely unwatchable disaster the fourth film was . . . .
I know Joel Shumacher directed the last two movies in that series. But the last time I mentioned that to Dream in this thread he responded with this:

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Schumacher? What are you talking about.

Schumacher NEVER did any Batman movies. It was always Burton and then we had Nolan doing them.
So I was trying to making him happy by not mentioning Schumacher.
I liked 'Batman Forever' and even enjoyed a lot about 'Batman and Robin' even with the cringe worthy batcredit cards and such silliness. I prefer them to Nolan's films, but that may be in part my enjoyment of the camp Adam West show to the modern serious Batman. What can I say, I also enjoy 'Howard the Duck'.
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