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Re: 60s Batman show rights issues resolved!

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Of the Burton Batman movies, Batman Forever, is my favorite.
I wouldn't count that as a "Burton" film. It was directed by Joel Shumacher and feels very different than the films Burton actually directed.

And, yeah, it's not the completely unwatchable disaster the fourth film was . . . .
Well, Burton did produce Batman Forever, at least, so it's kind of a transitional piece.

ComicsAlliance did a great series of reviews of the Batman movies, often offering some surprising perspectives, and they argued pretty effectively that Batman & Robin was actually the most cohesive of the four Burton/Schumacher movies, the one that has the clearest sense of what kind of movie it is (a goofy, ridiculous one), what story it wants to tell, and what the characters' motivations are. (Although they hated Silverstone's Batgirl.) Here's the review (Part One, Part Two), and links to their reviews of the previous three films are at the end of Part Two. (They also went on to review Catwoman, the '66 Batman feature, Mask of the Phantasm, and the Nolan films, then did the Blade trilogy, and they've just finished working through the Reeve Superman films and Supergirl. They'll be starting in on Superman Returns this Monday, unless they've managed to obtain a copy of Steel in the interim.)
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