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Re: Extended Lifespan In The Trek Universe

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Well the Trek Lit writers seem to assume that McCoy's lifespan is entirely typical, what with Picard being a frontline commander in his 80s who sees nothing problematic about having a child at that late age, and Vaughn being over a hundred and still kicking ass. And of course, Losing the Peace establishes that McCoy's still a practicing doctor more than fifteen years after "Encounter at Farpoint".

On the other hand, such longevity isn't compatible with the TOS era where Kirk was complaining about getting old when he was still in his 40s. The only logical conclusion is that there were some major medical breakthroughs in the late 2200s -- although even that's problematic since "Too Short a Season" shows Admiral Jameson as a doddering old man in his 70s.
Pretty much this. McCoy reaching 137 was more the rare exception than the rule, but it seems like it's now the benchmark for all Humans.

Even an average lifespan of 120 would be a significant improvement over today, IMO.
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