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Re: 60s Batman show rights issues resolved!

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That's unfair. Batman Forever was a solid movie.
This is a Recap of Batman Forever that ALL Batman fans should read. More people need to realize how awful the whole thing was.
Of the Burton Batman movies, Batman Forever, is my favorite.

When you say more people need to realize how awful the whole thing was what you're really saying is more people need to agree with your opinion. And that is my point. Liking or disliking any movie is nothing but personal opinion and I don't think people need to see things my way on my taste in movies. It is nice when they do agree with me but it isn't essential.

Batman was pretty good but dull at times even though I think Keaton and Nicholson did a good job. Batman Returns has some good moments but pretty joyless in my opinion.

I am alright if no one agrees with me.
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