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Re: Extended Lifespan In The Trek Universe

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I don't mind most of the TOS crew being alive in the TNG era, but I have issues with what some of them are doing - like Uhura running Starfleet Intelligence, which sounds (and admittedly I haven't read "Vulcan's Soul" yet) like bad fanfic.
Well, a lot of time has passed - plenty enough fo a career change or two !

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I do like to think maybe Jonathan Archer's Enterprise was the first Earth ship to visit Cereberus II ("To Short a Season"), or Archer skipped a few years with Daniels, simply because I find the idea of Archer and Kirk interacting at Starfleet Academy mind-blowingly awesome.
Well, for that matter, what could have happened to Archer (and crew ?) - I'd certainly like to see someone (or two) in the post Vanguard TOS era. T'Pol should certainly have made it, but what of the humans or Phlox ?

If you are going to carry characters forward like that, there has to be a reasonable explanation though.
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