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Re: Most Anticlimactic Movie Deaths

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^ Given that the Sarlacc takes a thousand years to digest its prey, I can only assume it keeps that prey alive for that long. Otherwise the prey would die and rot. And Threepio did specifically say that the victim(s) would remain alive all that time.
So it preserves its victims while also digesting them?
Of course, this makes not the slightest bit of sense if you think about it for two seconds, unless Sarlaccs have some other form of sustenance besides (very, very slowly) digesting preserved victims.
Look at the Venus Fly Trap, its real life analogue it gets its carbohydrates from photosynthesis, but eats protein based life as a source of nitrogen compounds since its soil is usually nitrogen poor. Possibly its the same for the Sarlaac. Energy isn't the only thing an organism needs.
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