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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

Pauln6 wrote:
My issue with the geologist and biologist was that they took no samples and contributed nothing to the trip. How did they get lost? It was his own drones that mapped the complex. Everybody was on the same comms system and the ship monitored their locations. They should have got the message about the storm too but asked for no assistance? If they'd been delayed taking samples on the way out I might have forgiven them. I can only assume they must have switched comms off so they could have a shag. It could have been a glitch in the system I suppose but if so it was poorly represented in the narrative.
It's obvious Captain Janek (at Vickers' orders?) got those two lost on purpose. He was lying his ass off about not seeing what was on their helmet cams and winked at his crewmate when he said there was no safe way to come get them. And of course, he could clearly see their positions on that hologram the whole time and could have easily guided them out.
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