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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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And why cast Guy Pearce? He's a good actor, but unless they have some plan for a sequel, why not cast an old guy to play the old guy? He was not convincing as an old man.
Indeed. Lance Henrikson always seemed to be the de facto Weyland in the franchise and could have played the part adequately. Then again, AvP probably placed him way too early in the company history to be believable in Prometheus' future setting.
That and Scott doesn't like AVP. Does the film expressly say that there wasn't a Weyland before Peter, or does it say something along the lines that he made the company what it is today. If its something along the lines of Peter transitioning the company from a huge manufacturing company in oil and telecommunications to a company devoted to space, robotics, and future tech...then it does not rule out CBW.
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