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Re: Space Quest creators are making a new game

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Really, I think the new game should either be the next chapter in the Space Quest saga (ignoring 6. or a reboot. The new adventures of Roger Wilco: Space Janitor!

God, I fucking loved those games growing up. I've got a CD of them around here somewhere I need to install now. I just wish it had the original EGA version of SQ1 with the text interface on it rather than the SVGA "remake" with the icon interface. (For all of the Sierra Adventure games I wasn't too happy with the point-and-click interface.)

Second to SQ5 I might go with SQ4 which was a great time-travel story that even let you travel back in time to the EGA version of the first game. Damn... where's that CD?
The Two guys don't own the rights to space quest, so this will be a spiritual successor with the same tone/ humor/ aspects.

But this is also the beginning of a brand new company by the two guys, and if they succeed, they will eventually most likely acquire the rights to space quest one day. So I think this kickstarter is really your only hope of ever getting a new Space Quest by the original creators.. one day.

Also, pretty sure the EGA version of SQ1 is on under the space quest collection. Which by the way you get a FREE credit to download along with many other rewards at the $50 pledge level.
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