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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis/Dark Territory-"Stealing Fire"

Thank you both for reading and commenting. It feels good to be writing again. And to be a part of this epic UT adventure. I hope you like what's in store of Donar. He's a character I've neglected over the years and I thought it was long past time for him to get some spot light.

Also, Wyoma Redfeather and the Erickson made a brief cameo in "Under the Shadows of Swords". I decided to revisit her and that ship instead of creating an entirely new one for this story.

************************************************** ***********

The Gift of Fire
Caldera Expanse

This time the exit was far less thrilling, but just as damaging, as the ship limped toward the barrier into normal space. As a final indignity, a wave of plasma pushed against The Gift, throwing it out into the void, as if the expanse was spitting the Aodh out.

Was it an omen of the treatment that was to come? The steersman didn’t know. He didn’t have much time to ponder such thoughts, while keeping the ship from completely coming apart. Monitors were flashing angrily all around him, and the wheezing of the engines could be heard throughout the ship, as if The Gift was sighing her last breath.

Death rattles accompanied the mournful moan as the ship began to shudder uncontrollably, as shields and structural integrity began to fluctuate. He had begun a calculated program of shutting off power, leaving parts of the ship to the ravages of the cosmos, while evacuating the remaining crew to the primary hull. The secondary steersman had been in charge of the evacuation and had reported that all that could be saved had been. They had lost far too many people since they escaped homeworld, and the steersman feared that they would lose far too many more before they found a new home. If they found a new home.

The only pulsing light that he had to admit that he was happy to see was the automatic distress signal he had activated.

He fell into his chair and closed his eyes and prayed. Now all he could do was wait to see if how truly merciful the Universal Hearth was. His eyelids flew open as an alien voice screeched through the intercom.

The steersmen leapt out of his seat and flipped the toggle to activate the communication transceiver. He anxiously waited as the translation matrix made the alien tongue understandable.

“Alien vessel,” the toneless voice said, “we have received your distress call and will be sending rescue ships to your location.” Federation Standard, he recognized. Yet the voice sounded computer generated.

He was relieved that it fit one of the languages of the beings they had encountered along the way. The steersman had always had an ear for language, and if the fates had been kinder, he would’ve been born in the religious strata so that he could be a scholar or educator, which would’ve allowed him to pursue that passion.

So despite his trepidation about meeting new sentients, he had at least been anxious to hear their languages. “I will supply the location of our vessel at once,” he spoke into the receiver as he transmitted the information.

“We will assist you within the hour. Enterprise out.”

The steersman’s brow wrinkled in recognition. He had heard the name before, from one the knobby headed aliens they had encountered, one who had been freed from the Cold Ones. He wished the ship hadn’t broken contact before he could ask them more questions. He thought about attempting to hail them again, but changed his mind. He would see them soon enough, all he had to do was keep the ship in one piece until then. Perhaps the Universal Hearth was as warm as it could be searing to send a ship of such renown to assist them.

He used the shipboard intercom system to eagerly relay the conversation to the Prelate. “Excellent,” the high priest remarked, his voice brimming with confidence. “I look forward to meeting this Enterprise.”

“So do I your Holiness,” the steersman said, and for once he meant it.
************************************************** ****************

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