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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

Personally, I thought this movie was fucking awesome! While at times there are perhaps too many similarities to Alien, it is regardless some classic sci-fi quality here. The movie is so cool, so enjoyable, so great, and so fucking awesome.

For the most part we've got a great group of characters, though I could have done without the hardass who ends up panicing when shit hits the fan. David the Android was a really cool character and I was surprised how much I liked him. And true to Alien tradition, the android gets violently beaten and sprays white goo everywhere.

The Space Jockeys also turned out kind of cool. While certainly not what I imagined, they managed to not be disappointing, which is quite something since the Space Jockey is something I've thought about since childhood.

Some questions regarding the ending, is Ms. Vickers alive? We don't see her get killed, yet if she is alive, she seems to have been abandoned on the planet. Also, in the final scenes we see Dr. Shaw isn't wearing her spacesuit's gloves. Kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a spacesuit.

I give the movie an A+.
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