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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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For those of you who thought the scientists were stupid: My Brother The DOCTOR once asked my mother for help cooking a turkey and she started her instruction by telling him to wash it before he prepared it, which he did...with dishwashing liquid. The moral: smart people can do really stupid things. That makes them human, not a problem with the narrative.
My problem was with them having no concept of any scientific method (as well as being stupid). If they had taken even the most basic precautions but the situation got out of hand due to one or two stupid things (or David's desire to get the ball rolling) the general stupidity level would have come down a few notches.

They could have lifted really basic safety pointers from Stargate SG1 and seriously improved the plot. In fact low tech MALPS would have been better than the mildly irritating floaty things that inexplicably failed to help the guy that owned them find his way to an exit.

The first part of the scientific method is to Test. Shaw's boyfriend tested a theory about the air the expedient way. Shaw tested a theory about the Space Jockey's head. David tested a theory about the black oil. Shaw's only real derivations from scientific method were driven by emotion, not stupidity.

And I thought the two guys who tried to get back to the ship before the blue meanies came out showed incredible intelligence usually lacking in monster movies. Then they got lost. Their real problem was that they were wise-asses. Wise-asses generally think nothing can hurt them.
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