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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss


The + is mainly for Charlize Theron and the half-naked and wet push-ups, Charlize Theron in the "power" suits and Charlize Theron in the space suit. The rest was a B movie.

For those of you who thought the story was disjointed or incoherent: It was nothing of the kind. There were three human characters with agendas that were propelled by the Space Jockeys' agenda. Think of it that way and it's easy to understand.

For those of you who thought the scientists were stupid: My Brother The DOCTOR once asked my mother for help cooking a turkey and she started her instruction by telling him to wash it before he prepared it, which he did...with dishwashing liquid. The moral: smart people can do really stupid things. That makes them human, not a problem with the narrative.

Those of you who didn't like the Alien references: It's a movie about the Space Jockeys. How do you do a movie about the Space Jockeys without referencing the movie that introduced the Space Jockeys?

Speaking of, those who think this is not an Alien prequel: Willful self-delusion is allowed, but not recommended.

Those of you who think Noomi Rapace is no Sigourney Weaver: Well...yeah, that's true. I think the silliest part of her story was when she turned herself into The Girl With The F***ed Up Abdominal Scar.

Also want to mention that I found it interesting that the lifeforms in this movie are closer to what Dan O'Bannon said he envisioned for the original alien seeders before Giger started drawing for the movie.
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