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Re: Star Trek Vanguard: In Tempest's wake by Dayton Ward

Personally, what I expect to happen as publishers get more comfortable with digital technology in a post-DRM era is that they are going to start collaborating with the already-existing service providers who offer print-to-order book binding. As reading increasingly moves to digital and ebook exclusives become more common, you're likely going find the option to order a printed copy that way in online stores, instead of the publisher doing a print run and putting it in brick and mortar stores. That means a codex will be a more expensive luxury option, but since you consider the experience to be better it shouldn't pain you to pay more for it, I guess. And it means you'll get back to having everything available in print again.

Alternatively, it's probably already legal to upload a DRM-free book file to one of those service providers and have a printed copy sent to you for your personal use entirely independent of buying the ebook (most anti-copying legislation revolves around breaking a copy protection mechanism that is absent in a DRM-free file, or around duplication for non-personal use). Of course this is moot at Star Trek titles are currently not yet available DRM-free, but check again in a year and I bet they will be.
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