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Re: Most Anticlimactic Movie Deaths

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I'm also reminded of No Country For Old Men, where Josh Brogan's character is killed offscreen by Anton Chigurh after spending the majority of the movie eluding him and even surviving a shootout with him on equal footing! Surely the payoff of a final fight would have made more sense?
While I agree that a final showdown between Llewelyn and Chigurh would have been a more satisfying ending, having his death be so anticlimactic was supposed to emphasize the pointlessness of it all and play upon Tommy Lee Jones' increasing despair with the way of the world today. So it works from an in-story standpoint while not being the most dramatic and exciting ending for the audience. Still a fantastic film, though.

Some of the offscreen deaths of major or mid-level characters in the final Harry Potter film bugged me a bit. They could have cut some of the exposition in favor of giving at least some of these characters a worthy onscreen send-off.

The stupid death of Darth Maul (not counting recent events in Clone Wars) where he suddenly becomes and idiot and loses all his speed and reflexes was really bad, though, especially after dominating the dojo against two of the Jedi's best the entire fight. It was obvious Obi-Wan was up to something for about twenty seconds before he leapt up, but Maul just stood there with a Scooby Doo look of confusion on his face the whole time.
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