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Bit late with this comment, but I think the best comparison to the 89 Batman (for me anyway) is fittingly enough given this board, the Abrams Star Trek.

Both movies at the end of their respective decades made by then hot directors/creators, who with their own particularly unique aesthetic aimed to bring back/alter the perception of a long time franchise which had not been popular with the broader media in some time. Fun and exciting summer blockbusters, but not really emblematic of the deeper elements of the canon and the performances of iconic characters ranges from solid to "meh".
I felt ST 2009 handled the full cast of characters much better than Burton's Batfilms did. In the comics, Commissioner Gordon is a major, central role, one of Batman's closest friends and confidantes, but Pat Hingle's Gordon was a peripheral player who rarely had any direct interaction with Batman. The equivalent would've been a Trek movie where Dr. McCoy only had two short scenes and barely knew Captain Kirk. The short shrift Gordon got was one of my biggest problems with the Burton movies even back when I kinda liked them.
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