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"Batman is an insane sociopath" is one of the things that I don't get and "follow" when it comes to Batman and is one of the main reasons Frank Miller's "All Star Batman and Robin age Twelve" sucks so much.

For me this sort of discussion boils down to the "who's the real guy" argument that often crops up with Superman. Is Clark Kent the "disguise" or is Superman the disguise? Which is the real man. (I've always gone with Superman being the "real guy" with Clark Kent being "the disguise" but not as extreme of one as often portrayed.)

So with Batman is the "real man" the playboy billionaire or the sociopathic crime-fighter?

I sort of wish a "reboot" of Batman would be done in comics or the future movie series takes on a slightly different tone where Batman is basically an act. Not a representation of Bruce's inner rage for the death of his parents or whatever he just wants to fight crime and do it in the most frightening way possible while at same time have Bruce be more of that "playboy, billionaire, philanthropist." That's one of the things I liked about the Nolan movies is how Bruce is portrayed though I'd like to see a version with a little less naive Bruce to the real world. (How he acts when he wrecks the police car with his Ferrari to save the narc's life.)

Maybe The Avengers is too fresh in my mind but I'd like to see Bruce being a bit more like Tony Stark is in that movie. Batman is just something he does to "do good" and he has to make it extreme because he lives in an extreme world with real nut jobs and sociopaths out there. But he's not a brooding, miserable, loner with PTSD and needs to let it out by enjoying punching criminals to within an inch of their life.

Part of what I liked about the first few issues of "Batman" in the New52 is that it seemed to be going this way with Bruce/Batman in how he was being used.
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