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Re: Star Trek Vanguard: In Tempest's wake by Dayton Ward

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Sitting behind the computer reading a few posts is one thing, reading entire texts is another. There is a difference. I've tried reading fanfiction, I just get completely uncomfortable after a while. Can't help it.
Well, you don't have to read a whole novella in one sitting. That's what chapter breaks are for.

As for my comments about releasing them as a collected works, I didn't realize you needed so many novella's to make it costeffective. I figured with the average length of a novel, three would do the trick.
Trek e-books tend to be in the 25 to 35,000-word range, so theoretically you could get an MMPB out of just three. But the MMPB schedule is constrained to one per month, so putting in an e-book omnibus in that format would require bumping an original novel. I assume that's why the SCE collections went from MMPB to trade paperback after Pocket went from releasing two MMPBs a month to just one. So probably an omnibus would have to wait until there are enough for a TPB, which, going by past precedent, would mean 4-6 novellas depending on length. And the trades haven't come out on a predictable schedule; we're still waiting for the eight Corps of Engineers installments and Slings and Arrows.

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But, as I said earlier, I had no idea the costs into publishing novella's on paper (even as a collected set) was so expensive.
It's not that it costs a lot to print them, it's just that it wouldn't be profitable because there's no print market for such short books anymore. Book buyers have become accustomed to getting tomes that are at least 300 pages long, and interest in shorter books has dried up. Also, bookstores prefer ordering books that have higher price points so that they can make more profit from them, and that's contributed to the pressure for longer books.
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