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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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This doesn't compute for me. People seem to be having selective memory about the 'net for the Raimi films.
Uncle Ben was carjacked and killed.
Mary Jane was going to be the least, in the rain at night.
Doc Ock wrecks the O.R. and kills the attendants working on him. He then makes a secret lab in a run down warehouse pier shown to us at night, the grity night.
Flint Marko is a robber on the run from the law
Not to mention broad daylight robberies in the first film montage.
How much more real can you get? I swear in 6 months the revolutionary rewriters about the 'net will be pushing the Raimi movies as flat out Camp Spoofs.
People got mugged and killed in Burton's Batman movies too, but that would hardly be enough to qualify them as "realistic."

I'm not saying Raimi's Spider-Man was an all-out campfest; just that it was fairly comic booky (in the way Donner's Superman was, or the Avengers).
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