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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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That sounds similar to the Mr Scotts Guide where the name Ti-Ho came from. In the book the ship which was renamed Enterprise was a test bed for a Transwarp Drive system along side the Excelsior, the explanation being two competing companies were working on the project one of which was the manufacturer of the Constitution nacelles.

I can buy the idea that this could be a new ship built to test new technology in a proven space frame before being installed in newer classes, whether that include a Transwarp or a new Warp Drive system. That could attribute to some of the issues she had leading into STV.
It does come from Mr. Scott's Guide. I mentioned it earlier in the thread.

I really think the Mr. Scott explanation is the best one and splits the difference between whether she's an old or new vessel. She's not brand spanking new, fresh off of the assembly line but neither is she a forty year old hand me down.
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