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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Not being gritty I'll grant you, but how is the whole concept of a guy who clings to walls realistic in the slightest? It's a fantasy, just like the new one.
That's a specious argument. Countless writers have treated fantastic subjects in a realistic style, by making the elements around the fantastic premise realistic. That's why there's a whole genre named "magic realism." Realistic fantasy or SF is about portraying a world that's like the real world except for one or two fanciful elements, and exploring the ramifications of those fanciful elements in a realistic way. In particular it means treating the characters realistically, having them behave like actual human beings would if faced with a given situation, however impossible that situation may be. For instance, someone getting superpowers and initially deciding to use them to make money is more realistic than someone getting superpowers and instantly going "We've gotta use that power to help mankind, right?" (even though Stan Lee wrote both of those instances within nine months of each other).
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