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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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Unfortunately a disappointment! First of all movie doesn't have any of the scenes they featured in the promos like when Guy Pierce is giving that speech about technology or David about himself. The movie is just so unoriginal and boring: I mean team of people on another planet is exploring ancient buried alien ship while they themselves are going trough biological transformations and then you know the rest... It's like watching "The Tommyknockers" but on another planet. [/SPOILER]
They could have avoided the unoriginal and rushed presentation by Guy Pearce if it had been one of the things David had watched during his (frankly more interesting) time alone on the ship. They should have done a proper flyover of the planet, landed and set up a mobile lab with proper quarantine procedures and spent some time logging everything as they went before certain people started the disaster ball rolling. Such scenes could have been done by way of montage to take less time, intorducing snippets of the supporting cast's personalities as they went.

If they had made it less clear who was meant to be the 'main' hero character it would have been far less predictable. And the self operation was indeed very silly but more so because a) the same character then has to perform all manner of acrobatic heroics and b) the characters she just twatted don't even mention the fracas in her later reappearance and c) why tip her off at all? Stick her in storage and let another character take up the mantle and/or rescue her later.
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