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Re: Star Trek Vanguard: In Tempest's wake by Dayton Ward


I've explained a few times already, that I don't have any issues with the format by itself. I just don't wan't to fork out money for a device I don't like using, and it's not a way I like to read. I've tried reading on a computer, I've tried reading on a handheld device. It's just not my thing.

Now, Christopher, don't get me wrong, but you say the option is there for anyone who's willing to use it. Now, I'm appereantly not willing, simply because it's not my cup of tea. You make it sound like I have a choice. But I don't, not really. If I want to read these books, I'm not given an option how to read it. The only option I have is to read or not to read, to buy or not to buy. Now, from a sales point of view (I work in a store, I know a thing or two about sales) that's kind weird. You basicly want to eliminate the option of not buying, and give your consumers choice. You this by giving people several options, not just one. We make sure we sell several versions of one type of item (say a coffee machine) so people can make a choice that way.

My only real choice here is, do I buy a piece of equipment that to me personally takes some of the enjoyment of reading away, or do I sit behind my computer reading in a way that's not comfortable to me?? To someone who doesn't like reading either way, I'm forced to choose between two dislikes. And reading is something that should be enjoyable.

It's a very simple step for Pocket books to take two or three of these novella's and publishing them in a collected works. It's a freaking win-win situation!! They sell both e-books AND hardcopies.
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