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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

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Please. Your strategy is to just exhaust people with excessive verbiage. You haven't proven anything other than that you can type a lot.
I haven't typed a lot. Cut'n'paste isn't typing. It is typical that you guys don't notice these things, though.

It's true that I've typed more than you but then, since I'm actually saying something it takes more words. You really haven't had much more than "computers don't work like this now."

This is entirely beside the point, so your words have still been a waste, exhausting verbiage trying to pass as argument. You don't even know that exponential growth is very slow at first! If you can't get something that simple right, you really have nothing to contribute but "AMEN!" as the preacher thunders out his fire and brimstone condemnations.
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