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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Really like Earth 2 #2. Robinson has structured the introduction of the future JSA in a layered storyline like Johns did in Justice League, but its working a lot better here. In this issue the focus is on the Flash but we also meet two "Mr Terrifics" and a Hawkgirl as well as following Alan Scott to his destiny. ( which we'll see more of in #3) If the pattern follows we'll see a bit more of Hawkgirl in the GL issue and probably meet another future JSAer.

The E2 Terry Sloan seems to be quite a piece of work. His face is slightly scarred ( never a good sign) and I'm getting and Adrian Veidt vibe from him.

Agreed on all points, especially the last with Terry. When the two Terrific's met I was like "Cool!" but after a minute I was like "Uh oh!"

A couple of nods and world building on the splash page....we see Ted Grant, and find out that Tyler Chem has acquired Wayne Tech.

The Apokorats....not sure what they were thinking with that one. If Jay had gone into the sewers as on the cover, that'd be one thing.....but the scene with the couple in the alley just came off as underwhelming. The rat's didn't feel all that threatening, especially since Jay just put them in a trash can, apparently without killing them.

Aside from that, though, it was another great issue and I'm really liking this new and younger Jay Garrick. It was also fun watching Jay experiment with his powers and be awed by them. I liked the description of how he see's at super speed as well, and it's probably best to describe it that way since different writers have described it differently. The "fast vs everything in slo mo" thing.

Oddly enough, even though I have Golden Age Green Lantern Archives and have long been familiar with Alan's origin,

It also means that the burning skeletons from the cover are not the war dead of China (as some have theorized) but the other folks with him at the time, and I can't believe none of us made that connection!

While I'm still looking to pic up the trade for Action, I think I'll pretty much stick to Earth-2 as the only DC comic I'll be collecting. I've noticed that I'm liking Earth-2 as much as my other recent favorite, Jack Staff. The common element in both is that you get an entire super hero universe in each book and they feel like a satisfying read worth the money spent.

Sadly, Jack Staff seems to be in limbo while his creator works on a new book.
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