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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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I call them grids and/or sails in the script, I think, and I like to think of them as sails - with grids in them. How's that?

Warships and other very large vessels sort of "brute force" the FTL drive using lots of energy channeled through fixed structures. Small vessels like Polaris are somewhat more nimble.

Or, more or less what Vektor and Maurice said.
Or perhaps another way of putting it is ships meant for war, and most likely to take some form of damage, have these strong structures, which as I understand it, like all (or most) other ships in this universe, either projects the field that warps space (like an Alcubierre drive), helps to control it, or both?

They can take a little (or perhaps more than a little) beating, before they will no longer work. But they take more power, and therefore bigger reactors are necessary, and maneuverability at FTL speeds isn't as good as ships that have sails instead. Perhaps the FTL drive might even need prepping before going to FTL, or navigational points need to be inputted (like in Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars), instead of simply being able to go to FTL at the push of a button or few or the push of a lever (like in Star Trek), or it is possible to go to FTL suddenly, but it has to be at a slower speed to avoid colliding with something or ending up in a black hole or star.

Starships with these sails on the other hand are more efficient, requiring less power, are much more agile at FTL speeds (perhaps even being capable of running circles around much larger vessels at FTL speeds, at which they are extremely difficult to hit?), and can go to and drop out of FTL at the pilot's whim, with little need prep the FTL drive or input navigational points. This however comes at the price that these sails are somewhat fragile, and most damage taken will usually require service at a starbase (or whatever terminology is used in that universe referring to a space station), or a repair vessel. Most vessels that use sails either are never expected to see combat any other situation that would cause sufficient damage, or are too small to carry reactors powerful enough to power shields, but have a role where agility is key (such as a fighter).

Am I about right in at least some of my assumptions?
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