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Re: The Dominion War brought out the worst in Starfleet

Sure but let's keep the discussion perhaps a bit more European-centered as it is hard to find any nice words about American right-wingers.

Perhaps my post was too harsh and one-dimenstional. In my own country the first chancellor was a conservative who resisted the nazis and created a moderate welfare state after WWII.
In your country the good ol' BBC with series like Civilisation and so on is definitely preferable to the notion of modern liberals that TV is just for entertainment.
So yeah, these kind of dignified and well-read old-school conservatives were great. I'd guess they'd be the first ones to ban private television.

But this kind of conservatism from the post WWII era that cared about education, family and community, that tolerated or even endorsed the mild forms of social security created by the welfare state, is gone.

Back in these days we had honest conservatives and social democrats. Nowadays the political landscape shifts on the centre-left towards technocratic liberals (Brown) and on the centre-right towards populist clowns (Berlusconi). Perhaps it'll soon be a bit like in Gilliam's Brazil, an authoritarian world where you can have all your hedonistic pleasures. The current order in Europe, aptly described by Habermas as post-democratic executive federalism, is the first step into this direction.
If old school social democrats can do anything to counter this right-wing authoritarianism and old-school conservatives can do anything to counter this liberal hedonism I am all for it.
The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer. - former US Secretary of State and unconvicted war criminal Henry Kissinger
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