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Re: Revisiting the films...

I think TSFS is a natural companion to TWOK, obviously, and I think some of the criticisms given above are a bit unfair. To say that McCoy's cafe scene was very 80's is a bit redundant, because let's be fair, it was made smack-dab in the middle of a very 80's decade. It isn't fair to judge the costumes or effects on a nearly 30 year old movie based on what we're used to seeing in movies or television today. And until you mentioned it, it had never crossed my mind that Scotty was heavier in TSFS than he was in TWOK. Was it really impossible for Uhura to change her hair on the ship? They have personal time, right?

I don't know, maybe it makes me less of a Star Trek fan that I haven't paid attention to those details. But does anybody stop and say, "Hey, that model was clearly on a table when that explosion happened, but it was 1984 and this is a great movie"?
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