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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

Regarding Snyder's box office track record, he's mostly directed movies with a higher than normal degree of risk (although almost all movies, even ones that look like no-brainers, carry significant risk).

His first movie, Dawn of the Dead, had by far the lowest risk factor. It had a low budget and there's a solid, consistent market for horror films, especially brand name horror films. And Dawn of the Dead was indeed a big success relative to its budget.

His movies after that were a lot riskier: an R-rated green screen historical action movie, a very dark, very violent and very long R-rated superhero epic with no big stars, a CGI animated movie for a studio that, despite its long and storied success in animated television series and film shorts, has struggled to sell animated feature films, and an esoteric action movie with a cast centred on young, mostly lesser-known, actresses.

Directing a Superman movie is a much safer bet for Snyder than any of his other post-Dawn of the Dead movies. After all, if a Superman movie designed as an introspective drama that split moviegoers and had many complaining about a lack of action could nonetheless make just shy of $400 million worldwide then it stands to reason that a Superman film with Zack Snyder's penchant for massive action scenes has a good chance to make a whole lot more.
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