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Has there ever been a Borg origin story that hasn't been based along the lines of either "I'm doing this to help them and make some good - Oh no! It all went wrong!" or Humans somehow being responsible?
I'm only aware of the origin of the Borg from the Destiny trilogy. I don't think it's been ever covered elsewhere.
There are several interpretations of the Borg origins. See the Wikipedia entry (Borg_(StarTrek)).

I like to think of it as a nano-machines gone wrong. As technology progresses and humanoids seek to refine and extend life, every person is injected with nano-machines that "borrow" resources from the body, as well as payloads of raw materials delivered via the ingesting of pills, to do various beneficial things for the host. Those machines go about the body, eliminating flaws/cancers and actually improving DNA encoding. But one day, an anomalous change in collective programming occurs in one person (who happens to be a brilliant scientist) and the nano-machines develop a heuristic capability. The goal of "perfecting the body" is adjusted to incorporate machine technology with human physiology, using the copious scientific information of the host individual who had fanciful dreams of a one day creating a cybernetic being, but was never serious about it. The nano machines turn that dream into reality, even going so far as to begin rewriting the programming of the brain to interface with other machines. And then, with the realization of how teamwork would be far more effective, the nano machines create a means of transferring some of them to another human host to repeat the process. And thus, the Borg Collective is born.

You can never completely get rid of the Borg. The nano machines can lay dormant anywhere, virtually undetectable. And then, all they need is a host to accidentally come into contact with them (might be a child who finds a Borg body among some scout ship wreckage on a remote stretch of land), infecting the host and then beginning the process all over again.
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