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I don't like the idea that Batman is insane. I think it's misunderstanding the character on a fundamental level.
Steve Englehart's take on Batman was that he was the only sane man in an insane world. I tend to agree.

Alan Moore clearly thought Batman was at least somewhat insane, look at "killing joke."

I think it's a valid character interpretation.

I mean, here's a billionaire who lets the death of his parents at a young age define his life, refuses real attachments in favor of his stupid

He wants to change Gotham, so does he do it through running for office or trying to create political change in other ways?

No, his solution to the societal problem of crime is to put on a bat costume and fight criminals one by one.

In a city the size of N.Y. Uh-huh.

(I love Batman, just pointing out the concept's a bit silly, and that anyone who behaved like him in real life would be deemed to at least have serious mental problems.)
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