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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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I think the Ent A was a prototype vessel, kinda like spaceshuttle Enterprise, they just had to fit the missing pieces to make it into a real operational starship, also might explain why its partially more modern and partially a step back from the TMP refit .
So your idea has it as a testbed vessel (the Ti-Ho) prior to be renaming Enterprise? I could buy into that.
Still doesn't explain why StarFleet would give such a ship to a proven commander of one. No matter if you have the best engineer or crew. I mean what would happen in a combat situation if the ship went into catastrophic failure because it was a "testbed" vehicle? BBOOOOMM, there goes your most competent Starship Captain...

But it might explain why the ship was decomissioned so quickly, prototypes are usually build without much standard equipment so maintenance and the like would be more expensive for such a ship than for a standard model..
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