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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

2012 Waves Three, Four and Five of the Vintage Collection...all in one convenient photograph.

All of the first ten have been either moderately or extremely difficult to find in retail stores here in the United States. The five along the bottom row(Wave 5/Grand Moff Tarkin) aren't even officially out yet except for online retailers and specialty shops, but once they hit the big retail chains they'll probably be just as hard to find as Waves 3 and 4, if not moreso. Distribution right now is as bad as it's ever been with few if any signs of improvement and nobody seems to be listening.

If you collect and happen to see any of these fifteen figures in the wild...get them. Because you just never know if you're ever gonna see them again outside of overpriced auctions on eBay. It's a shame figures this great looking and well made have to be so hard to find in the richest and most toy-crazed country in the world, but the market is just very dysfunctional and frustrating right now. A whole lot of folks are simply throwing up their hands and giving up.
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