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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

When Hasbro takes ten-year-old figures that had problems and flaws when they were NEW and lazily repackages them that's bad enough. But they also take most or even all of the original accessories away from that figure and then have the cojones to charge twice as much!

Take the Movie Heroes(Wave 1) Darth Vader from this past January's Episode I 3-D promotion. A 2002 action figure based on THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK but with inaccurate body armor that comes from the original film instead. Add to that a terrible plastic cape that pops off the body when you as much breathe on it and it wasn't the best Vader in the world to begin with in spite of its (for the time) really excellent detailing and sculpting.

But the original 2002 figure cost just $4.99 and came with a fun section of the Bespin Cloud City walkway where Vader cuts off Luke's right hand. The 2012 repack takes away everything the original figure had except Vader's lightsaber and is sold for $8.96-$9.99 depending on which chain you shop. That's four to five dollars more for less than half of what you got ten years ago. It's pathetic, but that's just one of the things that's been happening to the Hasbro lines lately. It's as if Hasbro is thinking "Star Wars has no more new movies coming out and the live-action TV show is still several years why really bother with a lot of the merchandise? Just repack and ship anything you find lying around. We'll save loads of money. The toy geeks will buy it all anyways. It's a win-win for us!"

Even the Clone Wars animated line is suffering right now. There are just 19 single carded action figures planned for the entire year. 19. That's it. And 17 have already been released. Even the new STAR WARS television adventures aren't getting proper respect and attention from Hasbro. At times it seems like they've just stopped caring and the fans and collectors have noticed. The company's on a lot of collector shit lists right now. It limits good product and makes too much mediocre product...and can't get a lot of either one to retail.
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