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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

If the Man of Steel toy line resembles the actual movie---at least from the early vibes I'm getting from it---then it might be pretty bad. But that's another thread altogether and I won't go there.

Anyways, more and very positive news from the STAR WARS toy universe! Toys 'R' Us computers are now listing in their systems a Vintage Collection Millennium Falcon to appear sometime in the near future! Kmart gets an AT-ST Scout Walker in a classic-looking box while TRU appears now to be getting a pair of JEDI-themed vehicles(Endor AT-AT and Speeder Bike) as well as a repackaged Millennium Falcon! Will it be a repack of the best "BMF" to date...the 2007-08 Legacy Collection ship with a plethora of electronic and other goodies that no previous Falcon toy had? Only time will tell, but just imagine how ultra-amazing and fun it would be to see the best Falcon of all time in a retro-looking Vintage Collection box!
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